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The Rune Project

Rune of the project summary: optical fiber in each house of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region to 100Mbps (at the moment, but 1000Mbps is the next target) and lRegion FVG, thanks to Junker Plan, NOT have to shell out a single Euro. After various meetings, pressures, motions in the Regional Council, the response of the FVG Region was finally positive!

135 million as initial investment, to which add up 104 million twenty-year maintenance, You are approaching.


This initiative will ensure fairness and equal treatment, will not create a monopoly, and methods of proposed operators will wholesale-only, ie Runes will not sell directly to the citizen, but the various operators (as Telecom Italy, Fastweb, Wind, Vodafone, Tiscali, etc…)

The conditions are the same that now INSIEL proposes to operators for the use of the ERMES network


How does Rune

FVG region, Slovenia and part of Croatia presented single high bandwidth coverage projects for Rural Areas (white areas) to fulfill the EU2020 objectives – WITH(2010)245 –

RuNe, Society of European Law, groups individual projects as before ed only European cross-border broadband solution presented and pre-approved by the European Commission.

InAsset, Most telecommunications operator in the Northeast and one of the most important hubs of the Italian broadband, a fine 2015 gets involved to bring to the attention of the region before and the Ministry of Economic Development and, this innovative and unique project FTTH at European level.

Target? long band 100Mbps in all homes and businesses FVG Region!

Possible? And. Only after the recent (14 November 2016) consent of the FVG Region.

Rune does not require funding the region or the state, but he wants to involve the region as a local authority where the project wants to bring their own benefits. The World Bank, the European Commission, both active partner Rune, It respected the good idea to ask permission before entering another's house and start a project of this magnitude and The region has finally accepted our proposal

Together with the Region FVG, the other two partner states, Slovenia e Croatia have formally accepted willingly such a project and the World Bank, together with the European Commission, that we repeat to be active partners in the project, They are proceeding in the formal preparation phase of funding procedures.

Recall that the economic and financial resources are guaranteed by the plan Junker, with the issuance of "project bonds" with no expiration, by Rune S.E., subscribed by the European Investment Bank (EIB), supported and guaranteed by the European Commission.



The project in detail (in English) It is available from the European Commission website: The RuNe project – RUral NEtworks



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