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The history and the events that led to the current project status Rune.

This list might initially seem long and boring, but it shows what has been done for actively and positively engage the region and which have always been the rocks the A lack of will met.

  • 2007 + 2010, Slovenia: Enabled an open FTTH network - Vahta. 100Mbps / 1000Mbps
  • 2014/2015, RAFVG, Slovenia and Croatia are part of the single European projects
  • 06-2015, RuNe: Unification of the three projects and pre-approval of the European project
  • 07-2015, FVG region: Presentation of a roofing project "Broadband" to be submitted to the Government in the amount of Euro 14,8 ml (The region with 14,8ml again demonstrates the lack of knowledge of the world of fiber optics. How can you think of covering an entire region with 15ml Euro?!?!?!?!)
  • 07-2015, RuNe: Presentation in the Region FVG project by the head of the project Zivec
  • 09-2015, World bank: First visit by the World Bank in the Region FVG, Slovenia and Croatia for presentation of the project Rune
  • 12-2015 01-2016, InAsset e wild: various actions in advancing the project towards the positive approval by the RA RVG. They end in the hearing of the Commission IV.
  • 01-2016, Verbale IV Comm.: Assessore PANONTIN: […] "Interventions are provided for over 200 millions, financed entirely with state funds, to complete regional coverage " […] "The commissioner agrees to make a verification of compatibility between the two projects" -> 200 NOT received millions and never checks required or accepted
  • 01-2016, InAsset: common first 100% FTTH: Polcenigo (PN)
  • 05-2016, Slovenia: Response to the WB with willingness to participate in runes
  • 05-2016, InAsset: Several emails with the World Bank granting to accept, for the Italian territory, even the mere participation in the form of testing of some individual municipalities of RA FVG
  • 05-2016, three common: deliberate participation in the form of experimentation: Spilimbergo (OUT), Gonars (OUT), Pasian di Prato (OUT)
  • 05-2016, World bank: Acceptance of participation in the project Rune, even with only the approval of the Government or the Ministry of Economic Development (GETTING)
  • 06-2016, InAsset: formal request for partnership and active participation in the Rune project to the Province of Udine
  • 06-2016, Province of Udine: It promotes and encourages the runes project
  • 06-2016, President Pukšič: Sending request to join the project Rune
  • 06-2016, RuNe: Constitution Rune d.o.o., Slovenian law, which will be the local partner Slovenian Rune S.E., European company law
  • 06-2016, InAsset: Meeting at the Ministry of Economic Development (GETTING) for presentation and request for approval to participation in the project Rune
  • 07-2016, GETTING: Email ad InAsset, Givec and Councillor Panontin, dove confirmation is given that the FVG Region has no intention to participate in runes
  • 11-2016, InAsset riceve, Finally, a letter of Patronage!

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